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Our Team

Chef Dave
Over my 20 year career as a chef, I've worked in all kinds of kitchens ranging from pubs to Asian-fusion to high-end Italian. I am an extremely competitive person and instead of going to culinary school I focused on learning every single thing I could from every Chef that would teach me. I moved to Tofino in April of 2018 to become the Chef of Bravocados and as of January 2021 I am the owner! I am excited to bring crave-able vegan food to Tofino. 





 Vegetarian since 2013~
 Vegan since 2019~
 For the animals, my health and the future of our planet. 
 I moved to Tofino summer of 2016 and was daydreaming about a vegan spot opening up. My dream came true in 2018 and here we are, starting our 4th year of business! I'm so proud of what we've become and to have been here since day 1. 



I’m Kendra, Bravocados first employee!
I first moved to a plant based diet after taking holistic nutrition in school in 2015 and I haven’t looked back since. My favourite thing about working at Bravocados is seeing how delighted customers are when they can eat anything on the menu, it’s not easy to come by many vegan options in Tofino. I’m grateful for all the opportunities I’ve had over the years here at the restaurant. I’ve learned to be a jack of all trades! Typically you’ll see me serving and bar tending but I also made the switch to working in the kitchen as well. Having a closer, hands on relationship with our food just makes working here even more special.